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Cortney Hale (Pistol #3) holding Cameron (Pistol #4)
Judy Provo (Pistol #1) and Lorrie Carta (Pistol #2)




The sauce that started Pa’s Pistols began back in the 1940’s by my Great Uncle in a small town in Kansas. He began making it in his restaurant and it was used exclusively there until the 1950’s. After that it was also sold in local stores and at Hickory Burger Drive-ins.

I do several Farmer's Markets in my area:

  • Glens Falls South Street - Sat. 8 - Noon
  • South Glens Falls - Mon. 10 - 1
  • Hudson Falls - Tues. 10 - 1
  • Gansevoort - Thurs. 3 - 6
  • Hudson Falls - Sun, 9 - 1
  • Fort Edward - Fri. 10 - 1

and other special events because we now have a hot dog cart with Pa's D.O.G. Dogs with meat sauce. Call me at (518) 793-2717 and I will come sell hot dogs and BBQ Roast beef sandwiches. Will also do ground turkey for turkey dogs.

I grew up on the sauce. Every year we would get a gallon and rationed it out to last all year. We used it mainly for the grill and a hamburger, then after I got the recipe I found out the uses were endless. Due to the flavor we now have a Wing Sauce.

The name Pistol was a name my dad called me and my daughters became Pistol #2 and #3, granddaughter is Pistol #4. I was just going to call it Pistol’s until my younger daughter stated, “We wouldn’t have Pistols if we didn’t have Pa.” Therefore Pa’s Pistols was born. Pa passed away February, 2011 but will live on on the label of my sauce forever.

I have been making it for many years and it is because of family and friends telling me I should sell it, which has brought me to this point.

Pa’s Pistols can be shipped USPS – flat rate $14.35, box holds about 6 to 8 bottles and a USPS Postal Rates.

1 - 12oz. Bottle - $6.00 

1 -  12oz Bottle Wing Sauce - $7.00  (New Product)


Judy Judkins Provo
Pistol #1


Ribs and Chicken on the Grill

Thousand Island Dressing

Add to your favorite Dip or use as a dip alone.

Meat Sauce for a Hotdog

English Muffin Chicken Pizza

Spice up Pasta Salad

Dab on your pizza

Roast Beef Sandwich

Hickory Burger

Add to soups

Add a little Horseradish…..

shrimp cocktail sauce

Add a little crushed pepper and/or hot sauce…..Buffalo Wings with flavor

Baked Vegetables

Pepper and onion relish

Dribble on your tacos Adds flavor to Scrambled Eggs

Baked Beans

Marinate your venison or steak

Pour a little over Meatloaf

Pour a little over Pork Roast

Shrimp or crab dip with cream cheese add horseradish

When that spaghetti sauce doesn’t taste just right..1/4 cup of Pa’s does the trick

Add a little to Egg Salad

Pulled good

Stuffed Peppers and Chili

Use like ketchup…great with French Fries

Children really like the sweet flavor. I’m told children are eating meatloaf that wouldn’t eat it before.

Pa’s Pistols is made with no added salt. People of all ages really enjoy the sweet hickory flavor.

It is not hot, but has a little bite to it. Nothing in it to make it hot, just the combination of ingredients give it that little tang.

It can be kept indefinitely in the refrigerator after opening. When using, remember not to use a lot. It only takes a very small amount to add flavor. This is where you will have to experiment on your own to get the flavor you want.

It can be used as a dipping sauce by itself as well as in cooking. Remember it is awesome on the grill too, but use it everywhere, not just as a bar-b-que sauce.

Any questions or new ideas, feel free to contact me. (518)793-2717


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